Dght Nestbrother Nadal

Dght Nestbrother Nadal

The team of champions of Bart & Nance Van Oeckel has been excelling in the provincial and national races for many years. They have now made a fresh start by moving to a different location, where their old basis will be used as the foundation for a new success story.

The Diamanten dynasty and the line of Gaston Jr. have become world renowned breeds .F16 x Golden Lady and youngsters of Lendl x Navratilova.are worldfamous.

Grandchild to base breeder "Zwarte diamand" and grandchild to top pair "Lendl x Navratilova"

Nadal is 1-pre olympiad bird KBDB Cat C 2014

Winner of 4 x 1.prize & 7 x top 25 National