Cor Leijtens claimed victory no less than eight times in 2015, making him one of the most successful fanciers in C.C. Midebo. His descendants of Lammert and Reneris continue to dominate the competition.
Cor Leijtens has had another solid season in 2015, with a number of excellent results in his favourite races (up to 700km).
In his first few seasons after the turn of the century Cor relied on a few exceptional racing birds: his NL98-1436441 Lammert won no less than five first prizes (against 3237 p. on average), and he represented The Netherlands at the 2001 Olympiad in South Afirca, as 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Sprint. One year later the NL99-1107523 Reneris was born. He proved equally successful, winning four first prizes against aproximately 2600 pigeons. Both these racing cocks proved to be talented breeders as well: Reneris was the sire of Benicia, 1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance 2005. A granddaughter of Lammert, NL10-1326498 Anita, raced by the Verbree combination (Putten, NL) became 1st Best Hen of The Netherlands 2011 in the national WHZB competition. The stars of their current racing team are mostly youngsters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these two invaluable breeders of Cor Leijtens.

According to Cor Leytens the best breeding cock in his total auction

Hub is son of two toppigeons Dirk x Jacky bleu

Father to Hub is Dirk NL03-1324880:
    Dirk is father to 230-08:
    • 1st Acebird 2010
    • 1st Acebird 2011
    • 4th Acebird 2012
      • Dirk is father to 384-04:
        • 2 x 1st prize
        • 2 x 2nd prize
        • 2 x 3th prize
        Dirk is full brother to NL04-4155907 who won:
    • 1st Best cock of the Netherlands 2007
    • 1st Acebird C.C. Midebo 2007 ( 23 prizecards)
    • 1st Acebird C.C. Midebo 2005
    • 1st Acebird MD 2006

    Mother to Hub is Jacky Bleu NL05-4004811 she won:
  • 1st National R3 Blois 4.187 birds
  • 1st N.P.O. afd 3 - 6.451 birds
  • 1st Acebird SD + MD 2006

  • Reserve