100 % Ludo Claessens

I can do everything with 60 pigeons...
Ludo Claessens's motto is quite right indeed. And he's been proving that fact for many years in a row. Ludo simply wants to enjoy the game' pigeon sport. But keeping pigeons implies a certain daily grind and work and he isn't prepared to deal with that...! He likes to control things closely. Ludo forms a team with his best friend Rik Kerstens who lives about 100 metres away from Ludo and they only participate in speed races as the team Kerstens-Claessens'. Rik and Ludo have one thing in common... they prefer to keep pigeons in small numbers... and they both like winners! Rik keeps about 9 speed racing pigeons while Ludo focuses on middle distance races. He specialises in distances of 100-400 km and enters for one long distance race at the end of the season. He races 20 widowers at most and has about 10 breeding couples but considers the latter to be a bit of a burden lately, because they simply sit around and do nothing. He gives an example: this spring (i.e. 2006), they only raised one round of youngsters... Ludo wonders why he is providing them with board and lodging all year through? As we mentioned above: raising youngsters in order to sell them doesn't interest Ludo at all... hence the magical number 60': 60 pigeons get the opportunity to winter in his loft! Who dares to argue with a phenomenon' such as Ludo Claessens? The incredible results he achieves year after year prove that he's right.