Gr.daughter Contador x Naomie parents winner Sun City Million Dollar Race '11

The pigeons of H and A Klaas have been performing outstandingly well in the One Loft Races: Sun City Million Dollar Race '07: 1st prize for H & A Klaas; Sun City Million Dollar Race '11: 1st prize for the Kitchenbrand Lofts with a pigeon bred by H & A Klaas!
The team takes the victory in the 15th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in 2011 with Viktor, a pigeon of Helmut & Alfons Klaas. The sire of this pigeon is Contador 0507-03-577 and his dam is Naomie 0507-08-980.

Father to "Susan" is Vettel and he is a 100% brother to Victor who was winner of the ONE MILLION DOLLAR RACE 2011

Victor was against 2.575 birds 526 km an he won 200.000 dollar

Mother to "Susan" is" Daughter Fantasia" she was in 2011 11 x in the first 10

Daughter Fantasia was bred by H.Meyer one of the most famous german fanciers

It is important to have pigeons of outstanding quality if you ever want to make it to the very top. It is no surprise that the Meier pigeon family is based on some of the finest pigeons and bloodlines available today. In any case it all started with the pigeons of Schellens many years ago. This loft houses some amazing Schellens pigeons. Several brothers and sisters of the famous Nationaal I have played a key role in the Meier breed. They were crossed with pigeons of Clement Robben bred from the renowned breeding pair Bonny and Clyde. Pigeons of these two breeders have laid the basis for a success story that continued for several years. In recent years other famous pigeons were added from the lofts of Gerard Koopman, Günter Prange, Dirk Van Dyck and Jos Vercammen. All of these pigeons form the pillars of the astonishing Meier pigeon family.