Carlos Romeu Vale

My passion for pigeons started when I was 10, now gone over 25 years all started when I started going to the house of a neighbor who was fancier since the pigeons began to be present in my life. p>

The first pigeons that had been in 1988 had I 12 years old, as he was too young and school was first every opportunity went to my neighbor's house to see the pigeons fly and return of the evidence. p>

The years passed and passion for pigeon continued to grow until the year 1994 could have a small loft and a team of pigeons to be able to also participate in the tests, will be an unforgettable year for have classify a pigeon in ten for a couple in the first year was very motivating. p>

After two years had to suspend the competition by reason of compulsory military service, end time service for professional reasons and because of a change of residence not again returned to competition, since dai spent exclusively to assist a friend in pigeons in all tasks to prepare a team success and champions, and looking to be updated on the status of fanciers worldwide more particularly everything involving the pigeon from lines, matings, pigeon health. p>

Over the years I am involved in various aspects of Columbófila with associative director, coaching and chooser good pedigree pigeons capable of transmitting their genes through several generations and make champions pigeons. p>

Carlos Romeu Vale

Senior Caretaker

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