Jos Thoné

Jos Thoné 595

Jos Thoné 595

Mother was two times 1st National

Results Jos Thone 595

Father 595 is" Ready" a grandson to "Eagle Eye"

Mother " Ready" is a full sister to" Avril"

Grandfather is " Son Eagle Eye":


Grandmother 595 is full sister "Avril":

Superbreeder and racer

Mother 595 is "ALIEN" 2 X 1st Nationaal she has two times Sedna in her pedigree.


Superbreeder and racer

Jos Thoné 200

Jos Thoné 200

Child Jonker 1st Nationaal Chateaureoux

Daugther Jonker

200 is a daughter to "Jonker and has also "Jutta and Pro-Freddy in the pedigree

Jonker superracer and breeder:

Pro-Freddy: Jutta

Mother 200 is grandchild to "Arinze x Cloe" and Sumo x Avril"

Arinze Cloe


Jos Thoné 985

Jos Thoné 985

Inbred famous Avril

985 is halfbrother Sachi

Sachi Superracer and breeder:


Jos Thoné 793

Grandchil Little Joe

Father 793 is son to superracer "Fred" and grandson Pro-Freddy"

      793 is grandchild Jutta


      Mother 793 is daughter to "Little Joe""

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