By Bloodline

Gaby Van Den Abeele

Top Breeder

Gaby Van Den Abeele is at this very moment the owner of the most successful pigeon strain in the world. His pigeons and it's descendants have been winning at many national contests, producing various ace-pigeons and highly ranking in one loft races. All over the internet you can find various fanciers succeeding with this particular blood strain Our collection also includes many descendants from top performers at this moment!

Leo Heremans

Top Breeder

Year after year Leo Heremans has refined his pigeon strain, visiting puclic auctions and top fanciers. His vision standing as : "A good blood line, can only produce top pigeons". He bought from various strains like Gust Jansen, Houben, Maurice Haesdonckx, Van Dyck, etc. One of his best purchases was the Olympiade (BE-6455003), buying half the rights from Gust Jansen. The Olympiade's descendants produced in their turn top performers in several lofts.

After Leo having two times a total sale, a few lofts still enjoy the Leo Heremans strain. Fanciers like Eijerkamp, Comb. Kroesen, W.A. de Bruijn are still succeeding with the big time players like Euro, Rossi, Spinneke, Jackpot, etc. Classloft owns various top ranking descendants. For a more complete idea, please visit the site of Eijerkamp, Combinatie Kroesen, WA de Bruijn


Other breeders from top lofts including Jan Keen, Helmut Klaas und Son, Marc & Gerard Santens, Gevaert-Van Schoorisse, Verreckt Ariën, Cees Schroevers, Roger Debusschere, Team GPS, Bart & Nance van Oeckel, Cor Leytens, Rens van der Zijde, Vitor Picanço, Vermeerbergen-Willems, Com. Verbree and Willem de Bruyn.